Crystal Grid and Gua Sha Facial Workshop

Get that inner and outer glow at this 3 hour Crystal Grid and Facial Gua Sha Workshop, taught by acupuncturist and facial gua sha expert Amanda Nordell, and crystal therapy practitioner & jeweller Merle O’Grady. 

You may have seen gorgeous crystals and people raving about the benefits of gua sha all over your Instagram feed, but how do you get started properly? Learn everything you need to know about these modalities in this workshop, along with a take-home kit, so you can start incorporating crystals & gua sha into your daily life with total ease.

At this workshop you’ll:

Facial Gua Sha

-Take some time out to slow down, relax and tune in to yourself.

– Become your own crystal expert, learning everything you need to know about all about how they work, their history, therapeutic powers and how they affect our energy system.

– Learn how to choose, connect with, program and set intentions for your crystals to get the very best from them.

– Take your crystals to the next level by learning about sacred geometry, why crystal grids are so powerful and creating your very own crystal grid to take home.

– Learn about the origins of gua sha, and how to use this ancient wisdom in your modern life.

-Learn how gua sha benefits your circulation, lymph system and muscles, and activates powerful facial acupuncture points.

-Learn how to perform a gua sha treatment in full, and practice a step-by-step gua sha routine on your own skin during the workshop using nourishing facial oil and your own take-home jade gua sha tool.

What’s Included:

– Crystal Grid Starter Kit – Grid Board, all Crystals & Instructions.

– Gua Sha tool and Complete Home Instructions with Diagram.

– Ticket price includes all fees.

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