Cupping – for your face?

Most people associate the ancient Chinese art with painful red welts, but not only can it be pain-free, it can be just as effective as Botox.

A friend once told me that as long as the lines on your face are laughter lines and not frown lines then you should embrace them. It’s a mantra I’ve lived by since.

But a few years ago, one frown line in particular put all my laughter lines to shame. Those little lines that appear between your eyebrows, you know the ones I’m talking about, your ‘thinking lines’.

I’m guessing I must do a lot of thinking because mine have deepened – a lot – in recent years. In particular, the one on the left-hand side for some reason“. Kim Watson

Read a recent article by Kim Watson following treatments I gave her using a mix of facial cupping, gua sha and acupuncture.



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