Lapis Blue Flower Gua Sha Facial

An exciting collaboration with BareChic Skin.

Fiona (Bare Chic Skin) and Amanda (Amanda Nordell Acupuncture) have come together to create this Lapis Blue Flower Gua Sha Facial which is available at Amanda’s clinics in Dublin Wellness Centre, D2 and Windy Arbour, Dundrum – as part of the collaboration Blue Flower Serum will also be available to purchase.

We are so excited about this special collaboration – the blue flower serum and lapis gua sha tools together create a calming, nourishing treat for the skin, results are excellent. The facial is also combined with acupuncture to enhance relaxation and balance the bodies ‘qi’ energy. Beautiful inside and out! 

**Blue Flower Face Serum is a simple yet sophisticated blend of three potent and powerful plant oils and seven steam distilled essential oils.

The oil serum absorbs easily and provides deep hydration and nourishment. It is amazing for sensitive, delicate and unruly complexions, aiding redness, soothing, restoring calm to the skin.

**Denim Blue Lapis Lazuli is a powerful, psychic, intuitive, transforming, expansive stone.

The Lapis stone is a stress reliever, promotes peace and calmness and facilitates spiritual knowledge and inner truth.

**Facial Gua Sha is a natural therapy invented by the Ancient Chinesse.

It involves scrapng the skin with a massage tool to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissuue, increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Read more about Blue Flower Facial Serum here