Learn Facial Gua Sha for home use

Get your glow on!!

Amanda is running one to one and small group classes teaching a home facial Gua Sha routine.

Learn about:

  • The ancient origins of facial Gua Sha;
  • The benefits of facial Gua Sha;   
  • How your facial structure and skin work and how facial Gua Sha can help with skin conditions, signs of aging and general skin health;
  • Each session also includes a Gua Sha tool to bring home, a full demonstration, and step by step talk through a facial Gua Sha routine you can use anywhere!
  • Participants will have the chance to try out the routine on themselves with support and supervision from Amanda.    

The session takes approx 90 mins. and can be done on a one to one basis or with a group of friends (max 6), contact Amanda to discuss the options here