NATURAL WORKOUTS for our face. No needles (or downtime) required …

Beautiful woman

Sometimes it feels like everyone’s doing it. “Non-surgical” treatments, that is. But altering your face is not the only way to face the future. Just like the return to natural, filter-less make-up looks, we’re seeing a new popularity for what are really traditional treatments, such as acupuncture and facial massage. 

Acupuncturist Amanda Nordell finds that many of her clients now are women who are looking to stop having injectables: “Facial cupping and acupuncture is a good intermediate treatment; the needles work on the same motor points used for Botox.” She sees lots of 30-year-olds who experience “peer pressure to get Botox” – and it’s not just women: more and more men are under the same pressure, she notes. 

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