Amanda Nordell – RGN, RCN, MSc., Dip Ac, Lic Ac. (Nanjing, China)

Amanda is a registered acupuncturist with AFPA, the oldest and largest professional body for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Amanda NordellMedicine in Ireland. She is a graduate of The Acupuncture Foundation of Ireland and has completed clinical internship at the WHO Collaborative Centre on Traditional Medicine at Nanjing University, China.

This programme consisted of extensive clinical instruction at Jiangsu Province General Hospital and Military Hospital 454. Amanda was privileged to work with Dr. Wen Lei Qiao during her time in China and adhered to Dr Qiao’s  treatment philosophy in her practice, limiting needle use and emphasising a gentle, consultative approach in clinic.

Amanda has 25 years experience working in the areas of health and social care firstly as a nurse and subsequently in the area of child and vulnerable adult protection. She has worked in general medicine, surgery, paediatrics, care of the elderly, mental health and addiction. Amanda draws on this knowledge to provide a holistic, person centred experience to each patient treating them according to their unique specific symptoms. Through the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she focuses on promoting health, preventing illness, and treating health challenges through natural alternatives that compliment Western Medicine treatments.