Synergy Facial

Synergy Facial, also known as Aesthetic Acupuncture, is a safe and holistic treatment that will address skin concerns as well as identify any pathological underlying problems of premature aging.

It combines different factors that act on the skin from a cellular level.  It will leave you looking younger and healthier.

This is a treatment with results that can be felt and seen.

Inserting the fine acupuncture needles simulates the skin cells to turn over; triggers the production of collagen and elastin while relaxing the connective tissue between the skin and muscles. The needles are inserted in specific locations to help the facial muscles that are tight to relax, as well as activate the muscles that have weakened, causing the face to sag and droop.

Celluma Anti Aging Light Therapy, (Red Light Therapy), is added to offer your skin another touch of health and youth.  Cellluma Light Therapy increases blood circulation, helping to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and cells. It improves natural collagen and fibroblasts production, two components that are important in a youthful skin appearance. Tissues are repaired and natural healing is achieved, as well as a lowering of oxidative stress, something highly associated with the aging process.

Next add in the specialized microcurrent treatment, which mirrors your own body’s electrical output by emitting very similar low-voltage electrical currents.

These currents trigger the body’s production of amino acids and adenosine triphosphste (ATP), accelerates cell repair and promotes healthier cell production.

The facial concludes with traditional Chinese cupping therapy clearing and boosting the lymphatic system in the face, adding to the glowing dewey look.

In a nutshell:

– New skin cells are being created
– Collagen production is activated
– Circulation improves
– Muscles tone
– Skin glows!!

Aesthetic Acupuncture developed recently by Dr Travall Croom (New York) is a synergy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and non invasive Western Medicine Aesthetics.

Contraindications for Microcurrent Therapy include: cardiac pacemakers, epilepsy, metal implants, skin irritation, cancer and pregnancy.

The Aesthetic Acupuncture treatement takes 75 mins. A course of treatment is recommended.

Treatment price €130.00 . Course of 6 treatments €650.00 paid in advance.